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Friends of the White Salmon River
In 1976, the Friends of the White Salmon River formed to prevent the
construction of 7 dams near Trout Lake by the Klickitat County PUD.  'Friends'
like Phyllis Clausen believed the dams and accompanying reservoirs would
alter the character of the upper valley.

The Friends continued to resist measures violating the Watershed
Management Plan and to support habitat restoration issues like Condit Dam

In 1986,  the 7.7 river miles between Buck Creek (by Northwestern Lake) and
Gilmer Creek (by BZ) were added to the Wild and Scenic River program
concurrent with establishment of the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area.

In the 1990’s, Friends members testified at the FERC hearings in support of the
removal of Condit Dam, a necessary step for the return of anadromous fish
populations. The organization was a
signatory to the agreement to remove the

In 2005, the Upper White Salmon River was designated a Wild and Scenic
River. This was another  achievement of the Friends, realized after years of
work with congressmen and senators.  At the ceremony, Congressman Brian
Baird commended the Friends of the White Salmon River and its leader, Phyllis
Clausen, for their contribution. This upper section includes 20 miles of the
White Salmon River and its tributary, Cascade Creek, which are in Gifford
Pinchot National Forest.  
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