Many, many thanks to all those who attended our informational workshop about the Klickitat County SMP Update on 11/10/17! Here are the Powerpoint slides from our speakers:

Powerpoint Slides from Pat Arnold’s presentation

Powerpoint Slides from Pat Connolly’s presentation

If you missed the Klickitat County Shorelines open house on 11/15/17, check out these links:
Shoreline Environment Designations
Powerpoint Slides from the Open House

A Guide to the Klickitat County Website:

Klickitat County Shorelines Program Update:  Draft Analysis Report
This is the Shoreline Analysis, or Inventory. Section 7 “Shoreline Management Recommendations” (starts on page 117) is the place to start if you are looking at this for the first time and are not a scientist. Look in particular for the discussion of the Critical Areas Ordinance and the SMP on page 121.  

Shorelines Program Update-Draft Analysis Report: Appendix A
This is the proposed shoreline jurisdiction narrative– or, where will the SMP apply?  There are criteria for shoreline jurisdiction, such as flow volume.  Present County proposal removes Rock Creek and some other shorelines currently included.  It also adds some that are not currently included.  The scientific data used by Klickitat County for these determinations should be reviewed by a local Technical Advisory Committee.

Gap Analysis drafted November 2016
This lists current Department of Ecology requirements (RCW) for SMP and indicates (on all points) whether the current SMP is consistent, partially consistent, or inconsistent with those requirements. A total of 47 pages. Many points not applicable to Klickitat County, but interesting reading anyway.

SMP Proposed Shorelines Environmental Designation (SED)
SED Changes Summary
These documents show the current and proposed Shoreline Environments.  This is one area where we expect to see the Planning Commission recommend changes for the worse, at least along the White Salmon river.

Klickitat County Annotated Working Draft SMP June 2017
This is the draft, updated, we believe to October 2017, which the Planning Commission is reviewing in the workshops. Substantial organizational changes have been made in the document, which makes it extremely hard to follow and even harder to see what has or has not changed from the prior version.  Nevertheless, the organizational changes are probably for the best in the long run.

Shoreline Restoration Plan (working draft)
The Shoreline Restoration Plan, a non-regulatory vision for voluntary restoration of shoreline ecological function.

Current Klickitat County Shorelines Master Plan (1996)


Klickitat County is currently in the process of updating the Shoreline Master Program.

Shoreline Master Programs (SMP) are shoreline specific, comprehensive plans designed to direct land use policies and regulations within designated shorelines in the state of Washington. SMPs are required under the 1972 Shoreline Management Act (SMA). 

The goal of the SMA is “to prevent the inherent harm in an uncoordinated and piecemeal development of the state’s shorelines.” According to the SMA, all cities and counties with “shorelines of the state” must prepare and adopt a Shoreline Master Program– this includes Klickitat County.

There are three policy areas to the SMA:

  • Shoreline use – establishes the concept of preferred uses of shoreline areas, “uses shall be preferred which are consistent with control of pollution and prevention of damage to the natural environment…”
  • Environmental protection – intended to protect shoreline natural resources, including water, vegetation, wildlife and aquatic life
  • Public access – provisions for public access points to publicly owned areas, including the preservation and enlargement of recreational opportunities.

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