John believes that clean, free flowing rivers are an essential natural force on this Earth.  These rivers are a requirement for life on this planet to continue as we know it. Rivers provide a connectedness in this world that ties all life together.  Being in, around, and on rivers brings out the best in people. The river speaks the same language to everyone on this planet. No matter where you are, at home, or in a strange country, the river is a friend you can always count on, it will always be there. We need to ensure this is the case for future generations.

For the past 15 years, John has dedicated his time and life to rivers. John has been a commercial raft guide and kayak instructor on almost 30 different rivers, 9 different states, and 3 countries including Nepal and Norway. Plus a whole other list of places in his spare time. In his travels, following rivers around the world, John has witnessed the power a river can have on people and communities. He has seen how rivers should be, and shouldn’t be, examples of pristine perfect rivers, and rivers that have been disrespected and forgotten.

These travels have inspired John to help protect the rivers he loves, to ensure they are not forgotten or lost to the name of progress, to ensure that the rivers we still have remain natural and healthy, and to spread awareness that this is something worth fighting for.