None of the Friends’ list of 13 environmental and community concerns and values ( is addressed or supported in this brochure. On the contrary, such statements as “opportunity to increase harvest level,” “resulting in production levels below potential,” “mature forest inventory with 85% over 50 years old,” and “higher and better use” indicate this sale will violate some or all of those values. No surprise: a review of this firm’s history, language used on its website (, and partner biographies shows quite clearly that money and profit is the sole concern of this organization. Its investment advice makes little distinction about the quality of its client enterprises, other than profit potential — guns or butter, all the same to them. We should expect forests and their trees to be viewed solely as resources to be exploited, as are communities.

P/W/P is a large international investment advisory firm, based in New York City. They also operate separate capital management and investment businesses. The firm has advised in more than $1 trillion worth of asset transactions in diverse fields, including big pharmaceuticals, big fossil fuels (heavily), big mining, big financial, and big food. Familiar names include Occidental Petroleum, Shell Oil, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, Pay Pal, Morgan Stanley, the Carlyle Group, Pacific Gas & Electric, Hostess Brands, Sprint, TMobile, Prudential Financial, Gulfport Energy, Pabst Brewing, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Del Monte, Monsanto, Re/Max, New York Life, HP, Google, Blackrock, Pepsi, Delta Airlines, and Office Depot. Of special local interest is P/W/P’s involvement in the sale of Portland’s Arc Logistics to Zenith Energy, currently a major issue in fossil fuel exports and the passage of oil trains through the Columbia Gorge.

P/W/P’s specialty has been mergers and assets, which include some very large projects — such as the AT&T/Time Warner merger ($109 billion). The firm has grown steadily since its origin in 2006.

A review of this company’s hundreds of clients and specialties shows this evidently to be P/W/P’s second venture into forest real estate. Let’s help make it their last.