Mt. Adams and Jumping Salmon

Announcing the combination of
Friends of the White Salmon River
and Friends of Mount Adams organizations

The boards of the Friends of the White Salmon River (FWSR) and the Friends of Mount Adams (FOMA) are excited to announce the combination of their organizations.

The reason for the combination is to strengthen and broaden the mission of environmental protection for rivers and their watersheds and Mt. Adams. Both organizations are not-for-profit groups.

Historically Friends of the White Salmon River has focused on protecting and conserving resources of the White Salmon River, and its affected environment and watershed. The Friends of Mount Adams has provided environmental protection and conservation for Mt. Adams and its forested environment.

FOMA’s financial resources will be given to the FWSR board with certain provisions. Provisions include funding a science based environmental community seminar and assistance with distribution of Darryl Lloyd’s book Ever Wild. A standing committee will be created to ensure interests regarding Mt. Adams protection are furthered.

FWSR will broaden its interests to include protection and conservation for Mt. Adams and the forested environment.

While still a draft, the Mission Statement for the combined organization will be: Protect and enhance the Mt. Adams area ecosystems (including federal, state, and private lands), the White Salmon River watershed, and other Wild and Scenic River watersheds through education, research, stewardship and advocacy.  The new expanded board will refine this statement.

A new name for the combined organization will be created and announced to the public. FWSR will change its website to reflect the new mission. FOMA’s digital resources, such as maps, historic and resource documents will be retained and referenced in the revised FWSR website