Friends of the White Salmon River was formed in 1976 to prevent the construction of seven dams on the White Salmon. Its work since then has been to guard the well-being of the river, including removal of Condit Dam, preventing or mediating numerous developmental assaults on the river, and supporting habitat restoration.

As burgeoning populations seek to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the White Salmon River, many seek to capitalize on what the river and its environs offer. Though laws exist, diligent oversight is necessary to protect the River. 

The more current and time-sensitive issues include:
Actions involving the pending sale of SDS land and mill, particularly the proposed Spring Creek site
A proposal by Under Canvas to develop a 95-tent a glamping on a 120-acre parcel north of Husum
A proposal for a private boat launch in Husum
Supporting research on salmon and steelhead restoration
Proposed revisions of Klickitat County ordinances, including the Critical Areas Ordinance and the Shoreline Master Program

Besides these three current issues, Friends of the White Salmon is also involved in the following ongoing issues:
Land-use issues that include the Husum Ranch proposed sub-development
Ongoing issues affecting shoreline buffers
Issues affecting the Wild and Scenic Upper and Lower White Salmon River