Stop the Proposed Goldendale Pumped Storage Development

Stop the Proposed Goldendale Pumped Storage Development

Protect the sacred land, medicines, and traditions of Pushpum from destruction

The proposed Goldendale Pumped Storage development isn’t “clean energy” if it destroys Tribal lands and cultural practices of Pushpum, a Yakama Nation sacred site. Our clean energy transition cannot continue the legacy of unjust energy development.

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line drawing of a mountain with streams flowing downKnown to Yakama Nation as “mother of all roots,” Pushpum is a sacred site for Yakama Nation ceremonies, legends, and gathering of traditional roots and medicines. This sacred site is located right where developers are proposing to locate one of two massive reservoirs required for the proposed Goldendale Pumped Storage development in Klickitat County, WA.

This proposed development is using “clean energy” to justify the destruction of these irreplaceable Tribal resources. 

This is environmental injustice, not clean energy. We have the opportunity to build a new and truly clean energy transition—one that breaks from past harmful extractive practices, one that does not exploit Indigenous communities for the benefit of the majority, and one that does not come at the cost of sacred and irreplaceable resources. It’s not clean energy if it destroys Tribal cultural resources.

Environmental reviews acknowledged the adverse impacts. The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) both found that the development of Goldendale Pumped Storage would have “unique significant and unavoidable adverse impacts on Tribal communities and members.” Yet they still recommended that the development move forward.

The Environmental Review conducted by FERC was especially problematic as it was released without comprehensive Tribal consultation with Yakama Nation.

Pumped Storage is not the problem. This proposed location is the problem. There are numerous pumped storage proposals across the region; this is not the only location where one can be built. This is the third time this location has been proposed, ignoring the known opposition of Yakama Nation and the importance of protecting the area.

Rye Development’s proposal destroys environmental and cultural values. For- Yakama Nation, the development threatens food sources and the ways of life that have sustained families since time immemorial. Destroying this sacred site obliterates a natural seed bank and threatens wetlands, groundwater, and wildlife that will devastate the biodiversity of the area.

FERC must uphold Tribal Sovereignty by denying the final permit for this development. It’s not clean energy if it harms Tribal cultural resources.

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