Outfitters’ Licensing Renewal


FWSR, along with many others,  received notification from the Forest Service on April 27 about renewal of outfitters permits.  We are working on a response.  We think the proposed action, to simply renew the existing permits, is not okay.  Here is a link to a map of the W&S segments of the two rivers.   You can contact us at friends@friendsofthewhitesalmon.org if you have questions or opinions.

A couple weeks ago, we posted the Scoping Letter sent by the US Forest Service regarding Outfitter Permits.

We have filed our comment letter, asking for more examination of the other Outstandingly Remarkable Values and for consideration of a system of daily limits, to be phased in slowly over the next several years. The FWSR comment letter can be read in full here:  FWSR.Response.Outfitter.Permits.Scoping.May2020-1.


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Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River4 days ago
Editorial from Friends of the White Salmon. Based on discussion at a Planning Commission meeting last night, March 27, disastrous changes are being proposed for the White Salmon. You will not hear about these proposed changes at the meeting tomorrow, so get in touch with us. Still worth attending this public information meeting to get a general understanding of the SMP.

Join The Conversation: Klickitat County Shoreline Master Program Comprehensive and Periodic Review

Please register for the upcoming virtual public information meeting regarding the County’s Shoreline Master Program Update

VIRTUAL PROJECT UPDATES! Join Klickitat County staff on March 29 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. via Zoom for a second virtual public info meeting on the SMP update process. The virtual public info meetings are a chance for you and other community members to learn about the project as it progresses and ask questions of SMP team members. For more information on meetings or to how to register to attend a meeting, please visit the Online Open House at https://www.klickitatsmpopenhouse.com.

Klickitat County is in the process of completing a comprehensive update of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and ensuring through a periodic review that recent State legislative changes are also included. The SMP is a comprehensive plan that guides the development, conservation, and restoration of Klickitat County's shoreline.

The purpose and scope of the 2022-2023 Comprehensive and Periodic Review is to:

• Align the SMP with applicable state laws and guidelines in effect at the time of the review;
• Assure consistency of the SMP with the Klickitat County Comprehensive Plan and development regulations; and
• Provide existing clarifications to improve usability and predictability for applicants and reviewers.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River2 weeks ago
"This is a story of two highly adaptable species sharing the same space—and a story of hope in these otherwise bleak times for wildlife. Here commonplace notions about large cats being fearsome and bloodthirsty break down. Instead we find wild carnivores and people trying to survive, having their young and living in their societies right next to each other." It's long, but it's a beautiful story.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River2 weeks ago
Water tables are sinking here too, and certainly a little east of us. Here's a tech guy from our state of Washington making a difference, but with lessons about soil and farming that we can all learn from.

Take note of this, though. "In 2018, Saudi Arabia finalized a ban on alfalfa production in the country because the crop was draining the scarce water supply. Since then, Saudi Arabia has relied on overseas production and labor for the product, and Arizona’s lax groundwater laws made the state a destination for Saudi investors looking to turn a profit."

Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River3 weeks ago
Here's an obituary for David Powell. An extraordinary person.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River3 weeks ago
We're honored and delighted to participate in this event. Thank you, Speakeasy! Hope to see lots of our friends.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River3 weeks ago
Coming up in April - Wild About Nature. Here's the program, and Joy Markgraf will have her art on display at the White Salmon library during April.