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Under Canvas, a glamping company https://www.undercanvas.com/  submitted an application for a Conditional Use Permit from Klickitat County to build a campsite north of Husum.  The number of camping sites could be up to 95.  Access would be from Oak Ridge Road.  Klickitat County issued a draft SEPA determination last fall, and in late December 2020 issued a Revised SEPA determination.  Comments are due on this document on Friday, January 22, 2021, before 5:00 PM. 

The parcel is 120 acres, currently owned by Weyerhaeuser Company.   Find a county map here of the property The parcel is located in T4, R10, Sec 12; T4, R11, sec7.  Under Canvas would use the lower half of parcel 04101200002100.

The parcel has river frontage on both sides of the river, and about 30 acres of it is in the management boundary for the Wild & Scenic segment of the river.  SDS owns land adjacent on both north and south along the river.

FWSR commented, along with many others, on the Draft SEPA determination. Read our letter here.


Representatives from the company attended the April meeting of the Husum/BZ Community Council and the April Friends of the White Salmon board meeting, both via internet.

FWSR voted at our May 2020 board meeting to send a letter to Under Canvas and to Weyerhaeuser Company stating that we do not support the project.  We have done so. Read our letter here:  FWSR.Ltr.UnderCanvasMay2020

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Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River6 months ago
We heard from the Wishpush working group about beavers and local efforts to restore them. They brought hard copies of this brochure, which I've now tracked down and can share with you all here. Go beavers! which I say with no reference to sports.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River6 months ago
The Mountain Lion Foundation is holding two informative cougar events here in Klickitat County. Thank you, MLF!

A presentation on Cougars of Klickitat County.
Friday, August 25 at 7:00 PM at the Mountain View Grange in White Salmon. RSVP's appreciated. https://mountainlion.dm.networkforgood.com/forms/rsvp-for-predator-proofing-in-klickitat-county

Saturday, August 26, a Carnivore-Safe Barn Retrofit, volunteers needed. Pre-registration is necessary. https://mountainlion.dm.networkforgood.com/forms/rsvp-for-predator-proofing-in-klickitat-county
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River7 months ago
Congratulations to Elaine Harvey on her new position at the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. She will bring a wealth of wisdom to her new job, as she does as a FWSR board member.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River8 months ago
Only YOU! can stop this shoreline damage. FWSR can help, but we can't do it without you. Come to the Shoreline Master Program hearing tonight at 6:00 PM in Goldendale and say that you want the shorelines protected. New County Courthouse, you can find it.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River8 months ago
Thoughtful article in Columbia Insight about the Climate Change Conference.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River8 months ago
So, there's a proposal to develop a 30-space RV park on Spring Creek Road, not far from the junction with Hwy 141. Information available below. The comment deadline on the environmental review is today, but there likely will be a future hearing on the Conditional Use Permit and the RV Park permit.

Like Under Canvas, this application requires a Conditional Use Permit and an RV permit. Exactly the same process. They are both in the Resource Land District zoning, which is extremely permissive and covers most of the Husum/BZ area. It might be time to think about changing that.

Remember that Under Canvas may still be approved - the appeal process on the environmental review is at the State Appeals Court level. No decision yet, but Under Canvas has not withdrawn the application, so the process continues.

The County also just approved an event site just outside of BZ Corner - weddings, and such. Maximum of four events per month in the summer, fewer in the winter. Maximum of 100 people Approved without drinking water being available on site.

At some point, the County needs to start considering cumulative effects.