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Under Canvas, a glamping company https://www.undercanvas.com/  submitted an application for a Conditional Use Permit from Klickitat County to build a campsite north of Husum.  The number of camping sites could be up to 95.  Access would be from Oak Ridge Road.  Klickitat County issued a draft SEPA determination last fall, and in late December 2020 issued a Revised SEPA determination.  Comments are due on this document on Friday, January 22, 2021, before 5:00 PM. 

The parcel is 120 acres, currently owned by Weyerhaeuser Company.   Find a county map here of the property The parcel is located in T4, R10, Sec 12; T4, R11, sec7.  Under Canvas would use the lower half of parcel 04101200002100.

The parcel has river frontage on both sides of the river, and about 30 acres of it is in the management boundary for the Wild & Scenic segment of the river.  SDS owns land adjacent on both north and south along the river.

FWSR commented, along with many others, on the Draft SEPA determination. Read our letter here.


Representatives from the company attended the April meeting of the Husum/BZ Community Council and the April Friends of the White Salmon board meeting, both via internet.

FWSR voted at our May 2020 board meeting to send a letter to Under Canvas and to Weyerhaeuser Company stating that we do not support the project.  We have done so. Read our letter here:  FWSR.Ltr.UnderCanvasMay2020

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Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River
Klickitat County Sherriff Songer has taken it upon himself to authorize hound hunting (and killing) of cougars here. A total of 27 cougars had been killed by the end of July 2021, so this averages out to over one cougar kill per month for two years. A full
70% of the cougars that have been killed under the sheriff's program were dispatched simply for having been seen, or for killing deer.
If the average hunter harvest from 2017-2019 is applied to the past 24 months, at least 43 cougars are likely to have been killed in Klickitat County over two years, and this is not counting killings that go unreported. The stable adult population of the county was estimated by WDFW to be no more than 50 in 2016. 43 would be equivalent to 86% of a maximum resident cougar population.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission will discuss the cougar situation in Klickitat County at their meeting on Thursday, December 2. No public input then, but open public input on Friday, December 3, starting around 8:30 AM. To speak at that meeting you have to preregister. Here's the info for the committee meeting.

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - Committee Meetings
8:00 AM
Wildlife Committee Meeting – Commissioners Thorburn, Smith, Anderson, Linville
Location: Zoom Link (https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82711306535)
Join by telephone: 1-253-215-8782 or 1-888-475-4499 (Toll Free) Webinar ID: 827-1130-6535
Agenda topics:
- Blue Mountains Elk Herd At-Risk Assessment
- Klickitat County Cougars Update
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River
Bad, really bad, news emerging for SDS employees at the mill. Also, the local purchase option shut down. Follow on a post on White Salmon Happenings. I don't know how to link to the actual post, but go find it. And SDS and WKO both still having ads in the paper saying they are hiring.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River
The SDS sale is complete. Apparently the drinking water watershed for The Dalles will be protected, but other than that, without a map it's hard to evaluate this news. More waiting. https://www.conservationfund.org/impact/press-releases/2606-columbia-gorge-forest-purchase