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Under Canvas, a glamping company https://www.undercanvas.com/  submitted an application for a Conditional Use Permit from Klickitat County to build a campsite north of Husum.  The number of camping sites could be up to 95.  Access would be from Oak Ridge Road.  Klickitat County issued a draft SEPA determination last fall, and in late December 2020 issued a Revised SEPA determination.  Comments are due on this document on Friday, January 22, 2021, before 5:00 PM. 

The parcel is 120 acres, currently owned by Weyerhaeuser Company.   Find a county map here of the property The parcel is located in T4, R10, Sec 12; T4, R11, sec7.  Under Canvas would use the lower half of parcel 04101200002100.

The parcel has river frontage on both sides of the river, and about 30 acres of it is in the management boundary for the Wild & Scenic segment of the river.  SDS owns land adjacent on both north and south along the river.

FWSR commented, along with many others, on the Draft SEPA determination. Read our letter here.


Representatives from the company attended the April meeting of the Husum/BZ Community Council and the April Friends of the White Salmon board meeting, both via internet.

FWSR voted at our May 2020 board meeting to send a letter to Under Canvas and to Weyerhaeuser Company stating that we do not support the project.  We have done so. Read our letter here:  FWSR.Ltr.UnderCanvasMay2020

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Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River
Wow. This is a big thing, and so great that the Glenwood students were part of it. Building understanding. Hands on learning. Classic looks on the students' faces as they get up front and personal with lamprey - lamprey are suddenly real.
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River
The adverse environmental impacts of Under Canvas are truly egregious. They are laid out well in information submitted during the environmental review process. Law is always a matter of interpretation, and the lawyers who wrote the appeal are experienced and competent, and they cited precedents for their positions. The judge in this case chose the interpretation offered by the County. The ruling, however, does not change the damage that will be done. This much, we all know.

So I was watching the tape from the 5/3 meeting of the Klickitat County commissioners, not expecting to hear anything about Under Canvas, but there it was. Prosecuting Attorney Quesnel, starting about 5:07 on the tape if you want to watch, discussing the Superior Court decision. I don't have a word for word transcription, but the gist was this. People have property rights. SEPA and CUP processes can't just override people's property rights because "you have 20 people screaming". He's an "advocate for local control" but if that phrase is really a cover for nimbyism and depriving people of property rights through "intimidation and delaying tactics" then that's no good. We have to choose between "the rule of law" or the "dictates of a mob".

It's pretty sad to think that the County's attorney sees the Under Canvas issues solely in these terms. This uncompromising attitude about private property rights is so incompatible with the way the world really is, where we are all connected - people, fish, water, trees, squirrels, spiders, roots, and branches. http://www.klickitatcounty.org/CivicMedia?CID=9
Friends of the White Salmon River
Friends of the White Salmon River
Klickitat County Superior Court judge Randall Krog threw out most of the Under Canvass appeal in a ruling yesterday, April 25. I will provide a link to the document soon.

Only positive point is that the requirements for monitoring and reporting water use were upheld. It is inconceivable that Under Canvas can operate on the 5,000 gallon per day limit on an exempt well. The project should have been disallowed on this point alone. However, under this ruling, Under Canvas has to immediately cease operations if they exceed the limit. According to numbers they will be providing. Right.

Particularly infuriating are statements in the ruling like this one on Western Gray Squirrel. "KLPF's claim that traffic could kill WGS are speculative and lack evidence. Evidence is that WGS are secretive, often in trees, avoid large openings and, therefore, would likely avoid roads." In fact, in other contexts, timber companies and such argue that most WGS mortality occurs from being run over.

No word on whether there will be further appeal, to the state appeals court. If there is an appeal, the court could decide not to hear it. So stay tuned.