April 2016

The Friends of the White Salmon website is undergoing maintenance. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but please stay tuned for our new look.

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The Mission of the  Friends of the White Salmon River is to protect the White Salmon River and it’s watershed in order to restore and preserve the river and riparian habitats. This Mission, as reflected in FWSR’s history, has largely been achieved through education and advocacy but also through financial support of critical causes and recreation, such as leading hikes. As our efforts are all volunteer, 100% of our dues and donations go toward action and not compensation.

Friends of the White Salmon River needs you– your enthusiasm, your talents, your time.  We need board members, hike leaders, writers– you name it!  Please consider what you can do to help protect the river and the watershed.

Chairperson Pat Arnold:  The time is NOW to begin to live within nature’s budget of renewable resources.  Restoration of anadromous fish to the White Salmon and tributaries is a huge step toward that goal.

Our current challenge lies in compelling Klickitat County to engage in scientifically sound, community-based watershed planning that will sustain our resource-based economy and the natural world that graces this vibrant watershed. Our advocacy is specifically focused on the State Environmental Policy Act appeal of the Husum/BZ rezone–with our partners, Friends of the Columbia Gorge and Citizens for Common Sense on the White Salmon River–which calls Klickitat County to account for violating Washington State Environmental law. Check it out!